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MADRASA E FAIZUL ULOOM KAMALIA   (Regd No: 95/2000-01) is situated in Anantapur Town of Anantapur District. This District is regarded as the backward district of Andhra Pradesh economically and religiously. The Muslims of this place lack even basic religious knowledge of Islam. In this background some like-minded people with zeal to serve the community with the blessings of ALLAH (AZZAWAJAL) and the blessings of our Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM) formed a TRUST under the president ship of SUFI E BASAFA HAZRAT MOULANA KHAJA MOHAMMED BIYABANI “NOOR” CHISTI UL QUADRI in the Year 1997

Alhamdulillah In the same year this Madrasa is started in a rented house. Later on the Madrasa is shifted to our own building in Housing Board Colony.

In this period nearly 100 students have completed Hifz of the Qur’an. After completion of Hifz, many students of this Madrasa did Alim course from reputed Madrasas and serving the community in the capacity of Imams of Masjids and as Arabic teachers in many Madrasas in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra States.

At present there are nearly 50 Residential Students who are acquiring the Quranic Education ( Deeni Taleem) in this Madrasa with boarding and lodging facility free of cost. While teaching Qur’aan the rules of Tajweed are given utmost importance. Along with Deeni Taleem Telugu, English and Mathematics are thought. In this institution four teachers have been employed to teach the students. All facilities have been provided to the students, including cleaning of their clothes and providing nutritious and healthy food to them. Best Medical facilities are also available to the students.

We have an ambitious plan of bringing modern education along with deeni education under one roof.

To fulfill this dream we have purchased 2 acres land on Anantapur to Chennai highway 14 Kms from Anantapur. With the grace of Allah we have constructed a spacious madrasa in 10000 Sq.ft, a beautiful Masjid in 1500 Sq.ft and G+2 staff quarters within 18 months at a cost of Rs. 3 crores.

We are admitting the students who have completed 7th class with 70% marks every year. This year admissions started. The course is of 9 years. The student will be awarded B.A/B.Sc/B.Com degree along with Alim/Fazil degree at the end of the course. The school education will be of A.P.State Syllabus. We are admitting poor and orphan children. WE ARE PROVIDING FREE BOARDING AND LODGING FACILITIES TO THE STUDENTS. If you know any poor and orphan children, please inform them or contact us.

We want to double the strength of the students with different branches like Hifz, Moulvi and modern education along with Deeni Taleem. All these 20 years your unstinted support is our source of inspiration. Therefore we request you to continue your support by contributing liberally for the Madrasa in the form of Zakath, Sadqa and Hadiya. We are grateful to you all for your support and pray ALLAH AZZAWAJAL to accept your contribution and bestow His mercy on you.


14 K.M From Anantapur City,
5 K.M After SK University,
 NH - 42 ,Kadiri Road ,
City : Anantapur,
State : Andhra Pradesh,
Country : India 


[email protected]
Phone: +91-9866275124,


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