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The much awaited New Madrasa Building, Masjid and Staff Quarters opened on 12/08/2018 with the blessings of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL, his Prophet  Hazrat Mohammed  Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. We thank you all for attending the glittering ceremony.   

The colorful ceremony started with the recitation of the holy Qur'aan by our Madrasa Student Hafiz Rahmatullah. Then the students of Madrasa recited Naat and delivered lectures on different Islamic subjects. The function is presided over by the president of Madrasa Hazrat Moulana Khwaja Mohammed Biyabani Noor. The keynote address delivered by the chief guest Hazrat Moulana Syed Rizwan Pasha Quadri, M.A., from Hyderabad. In his keynote address the Moulana emphasized the importance of worldly education along with Islamic education in the light of Qur'aan and Hadith. Hafiz degrees were awarded to Hafiz Mohammed Suhail and Hafiz Yaseen by Hazrat Moulana Syed Sha Shahmir Saheb, Kadiri. Hazrat Moulana Shoukat Nayeemi Bukhari, M.D., YES INDIA FOUNDATION, KERALA has started YASEEN COLLEGE OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES in the campus.

After lunch Dr.Abdul Salaam Muhammed, Former Scientist, ISRO now CEO, Markaz Knowledge City, Kozikode delivered beautiful Speech in English on Qur'aan and science. Many students from engineering colleges and other colleges attended the lecture. 

Nearly 1000 members were present for the ceremony. We thank you for your support in building a Rs: 3 crores (4,31,000 $) USD project and humbly request you to continue your support in future also.