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مدرسۂ فیض العلوم کمالیہ
Madrasa-E-Faizul Uloom Kamalia

A place where you will learn Formal Education and Islam  

Our Mission

Education in our locality is good for the people who will spend money, but not for the poor people, the students who are belonging to the poor families are excellent in education but they are unable to pay school (or) college fees because of their financial conditions they are becoming Child Labors.

Our Mission is to get all the children who are belonging to poor families to get them into a way where they can develop and give them formal education with Islamic education in free of cost where they will learn about knowledge and the peace.

Our offers 

  1. Graduation in Islamic Theology - Alim Fazil
  2. Graduation in Modren Study   - ( B.Com / B.A / B.Sc )
  3. Functional Arabic, English, Urdu.
  4. International Perspectives of Islamic Propagation
  5. Islamic Ethics and Spirituality
  6. Intensive care in Personality Development
  7. Public  Presentation and Creative authoring
  8. Mastery in Public & Islamic administration
  9. Thesis practice and Internship
  10. Mastery in Information Technology 
  11. Recruitment in various campus placements
  12. Coaching for professional Exams
  13. Computer Based Teaching 

Our Building Blocks


14 K.M From Anantapur City,
5 K.M After SK University,
 NH - 42 ,Kadiri Road ,
City : Anantapur,
State : Andhra Pradesh,
Country : India 

[email protected]
Phone: +91-9866275124,


Contact Us 


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